Special Thanks

Thank You!

 Previous employer, for the encouragement & support in this field:

Ichiban Salon & Day Spa, Inc


Education & Certification: 

 Massage School:

National Institute of Massotherapy

 F. Schwartz, for his “State Board Review” helped me so much!:

Harmony Path

 E.Timberlake Seminars:

NMT, TPT, Cranial, Somatic & Fascia Release



LaStone Therapy

ATM Workshop & Thailand

Raindrop Technique


Products / Equipment:

Massage creams, oils, sheets…

Massage Tables, chairs, spa equipment…

Essential Oils (Aromatherapy)







Many more thanks to:

Naka, Kathleen, Harry and the rest of the Ichiban family & clients. 

My parents, family & friends.

All my educators: Jack, Jonathan, Ricki, Eugene, Rosanne, Frank, Earle and J.H. Kellogg 🙂

Maurice Gubler for the great advertising.

Dr. Teri Courtemarche,D.C. for supporting me when I was new to Tehachapi.

I thank everyone that helped get me where I am today.



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